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Architects and Designer-Builders

Biographies for students and faculty who were architects, designer/builders, and tradesmen are being prepared. Short biographical notes are written for visitors and others associated with the college who were not teachers or registered students. (Short Biographical Notes)

Artists who have been commissioned to create work for architectural structures will be added to the list.

Paul Beidler
Henry Porter Bergman
Robert Bliss
Louis J. Caviani
Howard Dearstyne
Charles Lewis Forberg
Eugene H. Godfrey
Mary Gregory
Walter Gropius
Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.
A. Lawrence Kocher
Anatole Kopp
William Albert Lanier
Alan Crawford Lindsay
Jeffrey Lindsay
Irwin Arnold Lubroth
Robert Burbank Murphy
Peter Oberlander
Herbert Brand Oppenheimer
Robert Orr
Warren Bell Outten
Charles Donald Page
Charles Pearman
Alexander (Bill) Reed
Jack Rice
Donald Louis Richter
Robert Kenneth Richter
Janet Heling Roberts
Richard Roberts
Kenneth Snelson
Harry Seidler
Claude Stoller
Frederick Mason Stone
Lou Bernard Voigt
Willo von Moltke
Harry Seidler
William Ragland Watkins
Paul Francis Williams, Jr.
Wood, Horace McGuire



The Black Mountain College Project gratefully acknowledges a grant from the Graham Foundation
for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts for a study of architecture at Black Mountain College.