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Theodore and Barbara Dreier family living room. Photo courtesy North Carolina
State Archives, Black Mountain College Papers.

From 1933 through the spring of 1941 the Dreier family lived in a little cottage called Overlook. It was behind the Dining Hall. We were four and then five: my parents Theodore Dreier and Barbara (Bobbie) Loines Dreier, my brother Mark (born December 7, 1932 ), myself (born June 21, 1929 ), and my brother Edward (born November 24, 1937).

This is the liviing room, looking left after entering the door from the front porch. The picture on the right is a Josef Albers print, given to us. The picture on the left is by my mother. She took some classes with Albers.

The rugs were probably brought back from Mexico by my parents, or the Albers, or both (They made at least one trip together to Mexico.)

Dad loved making fires in that fireplace. I remember being told to be sure and have the fire screen up, especially if the fire was made of chestnut logs which would make popping noises and throw out sparks. Dad's favorite firewood was hickory which would burn long and slow, giving out a steady heat.

I remember having fun pillow fights with my brother Mark with those black pillows! (Mother would let us have our fun, but would intervene if either we or her pillows seemed at risk).

Theodore Dreier, Jr. , March 2007

(aka: Theodore Dreier V, "Quintus"; "Kinny,” later as "Ted;" Edward, “Eddie”)



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