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Job Captain:
A. Lawrence Kocher
Spring-summer 1941; destroyed by fire summer 1943
Robert Bliss


The Service Building was a two-story building of wood frame construction built for the cooks and other black workers.

Robert Bliss, a student who became an architect, was in charge of construction. Daily he met with Charlie Godfrey, the contractor in charge of the construction of the Studies Building, to discuss the work to be done. Construction was completed by the end of the summer.

In the summer of 1943, the building was destroyed by fire. New plans were drawn for a one-story framework building on the original foundation with two bathrooms, six bedrooms,and a living room with a central hall. The War Production Board, however, would not issue a permit for construction of a new building. Approval was granted for an annex to South Lodge. The annex was completed in 1944. Until that time the kitchen staff lived in Black Dwarf.

In 1945 a small one-story building for kitchen staff was constructed on the foundation of the Service Building. Plan for building.

2007: A private residence has been constructed on the foundation of the original Service Building.

Photographs: Robert Bliss (with hammer).  Courtesy North Carolina State Archives, Black Mountain College Papers. 


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