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When the college opened in the fall of 1941, the studies were not completed, and each student completed his or her own space. The walls and ceiling were finished with plywood. The floors were oak cut from the college property. Beneath the prefabricated windows were a concealed radiator and bookshelves. Each year students furnished their studies from an assortment of furnishings left over from the previous year. Many built their own furniture in the woodworking shop.
Study designed and built by Mary Gregory.

Photograph courtesy North Carolina State Archives, Mary Gregory Papers.




Trude Guermonprez's (Elsesser) study. Each study had a concealed radiator and book shelves beneath the windows.

Photographer: Trude Guermonprez Elsesser. Courtesy Lisa Jalowetz Aronson.

  Student study, Summer 1944.

Photographer: Josef Breitenbach, Permission, Josef Breitenbach Archive, Center for Creative Photography, University of  Arizona.


The Black Mountain College Project gratefully acknowledges a grant from the Graham Foundation
for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts for a study of architecture at Black Mountain College.