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Classes in the Studies Building

The art classes and the looms were located in the room on the ground floor of the Studies Building. The open area was used as a sculpture studio and for art classes in the summers. Josef Albers teaches an art class (upper left). Ati Gropius (Johansen) and Mimi French (Batchelor) work at the looms (middle). Jean Charlot holds his drawing class in the open area in the summer of 1944 (right) 

On the left students weave on backstrap looms on the terrace at the entrance of the Studies Building.

Josef Albers's class. Courtesy North Carolina State Archives, Black Mountain College Papers.
Weaving and Charlot Classes, Photographer, Josef Breitenbach, Permission, Josef Breitenbach Archive, Center for Creative Photography, University of  Arizona. Courtesy Mary Emma Harris Papers.
Backstrap looms. Courtesy Black Mountain College Project. Photographer, John Harvey Campbell.



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