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John R.P. "Jack" French, Jr. teaches a psychology class on the terrace at the east end of the Studies Building; Eric Bentley teaches in the classroom with the "white" blackboard.

"The walls are of wormy chestnut from trees killed 20 years before by a blight. On one wall is a chalkboard of polished plate glass, hardened. The principle is that it is easier to read dark on light than light on dark. It is an ivory color, illuminated by lights behind for night lectures. On one side are large windows, the same height as the chalkboard. Curtains of metal-faced fabric which slide on tracks and cut out light are being installed. The floor is oak (throughout the building) cut from the college property and mined in Asheville. The ceiling is an overlay of 4-foot plywood squares which overlap. It was invented by the college to conceal the cracks between pieces of plywood, possibly caused by steam heat." "Faculty Holds First Meeting in Kocher Room" 4 December 1941, Unidentified newspaper.

Photographs courtesy North Carolina State Archives, Black Mountain College Papers.


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