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The first building constructed on the Lake Eden property was a small barn, built in 1938-39. Other buildings were constructed as needed or as funds and materials were available.

In 1941, Lawrence Kocher designed a large barn which was completed in the spring of 1942. Two glazed-tile silos were added the next year. In 1943-44 a beef cattle shed was added to the main barn. Eventually, the farm buildings included a milking parlor and milk house (both concrete block and joined by a covered walkway), brooder and laying houses, a calf barn, an equipment shed, a dual use tobacco barn and beef shelter, and a hog house,

In the summer of 1946, Mary 'Molly' Gregory and students "raised the roof" on the farm house to provide space for two families.


Farm buildings showing the main barn on the left, silos, the small barn constructed in 1938-39, and, on the right, the milk house.

Photograph courtesy North Carolina State Archives, Black Mountain College Project Papers.



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