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  Lake Eden -- New Buildings (The numbers refer to locations on the map.)

(16) Beidler Music Cubicle

17) Service Building

No image available.


(18) FHA Building--Storage

No image available.


(19) FHA Building--Deep South

(20) Kocher Music Cubicles

(21) Quiet House

(22) FHA Building--Library

(23) Science Building

(24) Studies Building

(25) FHA Building--The Eye (I)

No image available


(26) FHA Buildings--The Stables

(27) Pot Shop

(28) Woodshop and Printshop

(29) Jalowetz House

(30) New Cottage

(31) Minimum House

No image available 
(32) Next-to-the-Last-Chance

(33) FHA -- Last Chance
(34) Farm Buildings

The Black Mountain College Project gratefully acknowledges a grant from the Graham Foundation
for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts for a study of architecture at Black Mountain College.