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Blue Ridge Campus
Lake Eden Campus

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Section Outline

Introduction General essay on architecture at Black Mountain College
Black Mountain and Asheville Asheville and Black Mountain
    Area map
    Asheville Publicity Flyer
    Asheville Aerial View
    Asheville, Pack Square
    Biltmore House
    Thomas Wolfe Memorial
    Monte Vista Hotel
Chronology A chronology of architecture at Black Mountain College with links to campuses and architectural projects

Blue Ridge Campus Blue Ridge  Essay on the Blue Ridge campus
  Floor Plans Robert E. Lee Hall 
    First floor plan
    First floor typed plan
    Second floor plan
    Second floor typed plan
    Third floor plan
    Third floor typed plan
  Images of life at Blue Ridge
    Lee Hall from Black Mountain
    Aerial view of Lee Hall
    Lee Hall
    Lee Hall porch
    Lee Hall porch -- Josef Albers Drawing Class
    Lee Hall porch -- students and cars
    Lee Hall porch -- gathering
    Lee Hall -- Robert Wunsch and students on steps
    Lee Hall -- Dancing on the porch
    Black Mountain cars

    Lee Hall lobby
    Lee Hall lobby with students
    Lee Hall lobby with students
    Lee Hall lobby -- dancing
    Lee Hall -- lecture
    Lee Hall -- John Andrew Rice class
    Lee Hall -- sun deck
    Behind Lee Hall
    Dining Hall
    Theodore and Barbara Dreier family living room
    Fritz and Anna Moellenhoff living room
    Moving pianos to Lake Eden
    Behind Lee Hall (2006)
    Art class behind Lee Hall
    Charles Lindsley's science class
    College picnic
    Porch column (detail) (2006)
    Applied pilaster (detail) (2006)
    Josef Albers drawing class

Lake Eden Campus

Lake Eden Essay on the Lake Eden Campus
   E.W. Grove Buildings
Image of development by E.W. Grove
     Map showing location of buildings in 1937 with links to buildings
    Images of buildings in 1937 with links to buildings
           (1)   Pump House
           (2)   Gate House
                      Gate House 2007
           (3)   South Lodge
                       South Lodge 2007
           (4)   Stone Cottage
                        Stone Cottage 2007
           (5)   North Lodge
                         North Lodge 2007
           (6)   Round House
                          Round House 2007
           (7)   Dining Hall
                         Dancing in the Dining Hall
                         Concerts in the Dining Hall
           (8)   Bath House
                          BMC Bulletin, Supplement to 6/1, September 1948

Science/Darkroom Building
           (9)   Brown's Cottage
         (10)   Community House (Lakeside)
         (11)   Mountain Stream
 Mountain Stream Interiors
         (12)   Roadside
                             First Floor
Second Floor
                             Location in relationship to other buildings
                             Living Room of Roadside Cottage
         (13)   Black Dwarf
         (14)   Meadows Inn
         (15)   Farm House

  Development by Black Mountain College
      Aerial Views of Lake Eden
          View 1
          View 2
          View 3
      Map showing buildings constructed by E.W. Grove and by BMC
           with links to buildings
      Images of buildings constructed by BMC with links to buildings
         (16)   Beidler Music Cubicle
Dedication Text
         (17)   Service Building
Plan for second Service Building
                                 House on Site of Service Building
         (18)   FHA Building -- Storage
                                  FHA Buildings Today
         (19)   FHA Building -- Deep South (same as 17)
         (20)   Music Cubicles
         (21)   Quiet House
                                   Quiet House 2006
         (22)   FHA Building -- Library (same as 17)
         (23)   Science Building
         (24)   Studies Building
                                    Rendering and Model
                                    Plan and Model
                                                Dreier Gothe Kocher Godfrey
                                                Work Crew leaves Lee Hall
                                                Dreier leads a fundraising committee
                                                Driving piles to form a foundation
                                                Moving the mountain
                                                Rerouting Mountain Stream
                                                Construction begins
                                                Students become skilled workers.
                                                The foundation is poured.
                                                Concrete plyons and the first floor
                                                Wood frame construction
                                                Tree ceremony
                                                The second floor and the roof
                                                Transite facing
                                                Hallways, ceilings, lights
                                                Open terraced area
                                                Art classes
                                                Psychology and history classes
                                                Student Studies
.                                               Fireplace
                                                Art room door
                                                Jean Charlot murals

         (25)   FHA Building -- The Eye or The "I"(same as 17)
                                 FHA Buildings Today
         (26)   FHA Building -- The Stables (same as 17)
         (27)   Pot Shop
         (28)   Woodshop and Printshop
         (29)   Jalowetz House

                                Preliminary plan
                                Elevation and Plan
                                Exterior and Interior Views
         (30)   New Cottage
                                Cottage Plan
         (31)   Minimum House
         (32)   FHA Building -- Next-to-the- Last-Chance (same as 17)
         (33)   FHA Building -- Last Chance (same as 17)
         (34)   Farm Buildings

                                 Additional images
  Unrealized Plans
  Gropius-Breuer Plans
                  Plan and additional images
                        MOMA Meeting
  Architects Collaborative
TAC plans
Student plans
  Goldberg Memorial Building
Curriculum Curriculum
A discussion of the college architecture curriculum.
         Small House Exhibition

  Buckminster Fuller
                 1948 Summer
                 1949 Summer

Biographies Biographies of architects, designer-builders, etc
Biographies of faculty and students



The Black Mountain College Project gratefully acknowledges a grant from the Graham Foundation
for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts for a study of architecture at Black Mountain College.