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The Black Mountain Project solicits your assistance in locating materials and individuals related to Black Mountain College. If you know of the location of documents or individuals, please notify the Project by  e-mail at
or by mail to 

                                                               Mary Emma Harris
                                                    Black Mountain College Project, Inc.
                                                        Village Station, P.O. Box 607
                                                          New York, NY 10014-0607
                                                                    (212) 989-3109

documents:   Such materials might include photographs (including snapshots), correspondence, journals, student notes and portfolios, works of art, college publications or other materials. Many of these materials have now passed to the children of faculty and students. 

faculty and students:  We would like to locate the following individuals (or relatives of these individuals). Mary Emma Harris was in touch with some of these individuals in the past but no longer has valid addresses. Some are probably no longer living; others have moved to new locations. In the future we will be adding many names to this list.

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Faith Murray Britton   1
Hampton Duxbury Duxbury    
John Virgil Deaver Deaver    
George Hendrickson Hendrickson    
Virginia Kitzmiller Johnson    
Roger Lovelace Lovelace    
Zola Marcus Marcus    
Ruthabeth Kreuger Marsh    
Alice McCanna      
Robert McAllester McAllester    
Jeanne Belcher Moore    
Martin Moskof Moskof    
Dorothy Albers Orr    
Max Paul Paul    
Kendall Durant Ramsey    
Harriett Sohmers Zwerling 04/28/06 1/    /71
James Tite Tite    
George Zabriskie Zabriskie    


If you were at Black Mountain College or are a friend of relative of a person who was a member of the Black Mountain College community (teachers, students, family members, staff, visitors, etc.) and have not been in recent contact with Mary Emma Harris, please contact us by e-mail or post at the address above.