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The mission of the Black Mountain College Project is to ensure that the history and influence of Black Mountain College are preserved and documented for future generations. The Project was formed with the conviction that the story of this unique educational experiment is of lasting interest and that the memories of those who taught and studied at Black Mountain College are critical to an understanding of the dynamics and accomplishments of that community. 

The foundation for the Project's work is the extensive body of research heretofore assembled by the Project's director, Mary Emma Harris. For more than thirty years, Ms. Harris has been studying Black Mountain College. Her research includes, among other material, more than two hundred taped and/or videotaped interviews with community members.

The primary vehicle for the dissemination of information about Black Mountain College is the project website. When completed, it will be an extensive resource for those interested in Black Mountain College.

The specific goals of the Project include:

  • The preservation of primary documents such as photographs, student notes, correspondence and journals.

  • The transcription and releasing of interviews.

  • The preparation of faculty and student biographies.

  • The creation of a catalogue of objects and works created at the college.

  • The dissemination of information about Black Mountain College through publication and other means.

    Mary Emma Harris
Chair / Project Director

Independent Scholar

Jonathan Hiam
Vice Chair

Head, American Music Collection
New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
Lisa Mahar
Secretary - Treasurer