Photo: Gordon Perry

Robert l. Bliss of Bliss & Campbell, Architects

U.S. Patent no. 224,485, August 1,1972.
Patent rights are held by the University of Utah.

"The Metrex Display System is an entirely new concept in display systems. Its modular components of telescoping, stainless steel tubing allow a wide range of applications for displays and exhibits of varying dimensions using the same pieces repeatedly.

Designed for exhibits in galleries, museums, hotels and convention centers, the system is easily assembled and disassembled without the use of tools or fasteners. . . .

Two citations for excellence in the Design in Steel Awards Program, American Iron and Steel Institute, 1972, were awarded to the Metrex Display System."

Statement and photograph from the brochure for the Metrex
Display System are printed by permission of Robert L. Bliss