1921 Seattle Washington
1949 B.Arch., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  1939-42 Black Mountain College, North Carolina
1990 Professor Emeritus
  1986-1990 Professor, University of Utah, Graduate School of Architecture
  1974-1986 Dean, Graduate School of Architecture, University of Utah
  1963-1974 Chairman, Department of Architecture, University of Utah
  1958-1963 Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
  1952-1958 Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
  1951-1952 Instructor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Bliss & Campbell, Architects, a partnership with Anna Campbell Bliss
Minneapolis, 1955-1963. Salt Lake City, 1963-Present
    American Institute of Architects
    Utah Heritage Foundation
    Salt Lake Art Center
    Utah Museum of Fine Arts
    Museum of Modern Art, New York
    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
    Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
    Architects and Design Professionals for Social Responsibility
1967 Utah, #475 Architect
  1954 Minnesota, #4975 Architect
1989 Professor Emeritus, University of Utah
1987 Silver Medal Award, Western Mountain Region AlA
  1983 Recipient, Honors in the Arts Program, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
  1980-83 Jefferson Chair Selection Committee, University of Virginia
  1976 Producers' Council Award of Merit
  1973 Design in Steel Award (2) METREX System
  1972 Fellow, American Institute of Architects
  1964 Residence of Ms. John S. Dalrymple, Minneapolis, Bliss & Campbell, Architects, selected as one of the twenty best in the United States by Architectural Record
  1963 Residence of Douglas Dayton, Bliss & Campbell, Architects, selected as one of the twenty best in the United States by Architectural Record
  1960 Minnesota Society of Architects, Summer Pavilion, Honorable Mention
  1959 Robert F. Bowen Residence, Minnesota Village, Minneapolis, Bliss & Campbell, Architects, recognized by Art in America, "New Talent USA"
  1957 Solar Energy Association, House Design, First Prize (with Peter R. Lee)
  1956 Porcelain Institute, School Design, Honorable Mention
  1954 Indianapolis Home Show, House Design, Honorable Mention
  1953 Carrier Corporation, House Design, Second Prize
  1950 Honorary Member, Boston Society of Architects
  1950 Rotch Traveling Scholarship
  1948 Chamberlain Prize, M.l.T.
  1947 Emerson Prize, M.l.T.
by Robert Bliss    
  1974 "Coping with the New Waves of Aspiring Architects." AlA Journal, November, pp. 20-21.
  1981 "The Architect as Self-Made Superfluous Man," Utah Architect, Fall.
about Robert Bliss    
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1990 An Academical Conversation, University of Kansas
  1984 Presentation, International Conference on Space Structures, Surrey, England
1979-1980 West South Temple, NEA grant
1975-1976 Inside-Out Renewal, National Endowment for the Arts, City Options Program
1996 Coordinate Joint (patent application on furniture system)
  1980 TENSTRUCT Folding Curvilinear Structural System, Patent #4,253,284.
  1978 TENSTRUCT Folding Structural System, Patent #4,115,975
  1972 METREX Display System, Patent #224,485.
  1969 Six months study and photographic recording of pre-Columbian sites in Peru.
  1989-1990 Secretary, Salt Lake Chapter AlA
  1988 Chair, R/UDAT Urban Design Committee
  1983-1984 Board Member, Salt Lake Art Center
  1976-1983 Salt Lake City Historic Landmarks Committee
  1975 Consultant to Kuwait University to program for new school of architecture
  1971-1977 Member Advisory Council, National Trust for Historic Preservation.
  1971-1975 President, ASSIST (Community Design Center)
  1971-1973 Board Member, Salt Lake Art Center
  1968-1970 President, Utah Heritage Foundation
  1967-1969 President, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
  1967-1969 National Committee, Education and Research, AIA
  1966-1968 Director, Utah Heritage Foundation
  1961-1963 Board Member, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
  1961-1963 Executive Committee, Minneapolis Chapter AIA
  1857-1963 Board Member, Shorewood Planning Commission
  1957-1961 Historian, President, Officer, Minneapolis AIA
  1956-1963 Board Member, Minnesota State Art Society



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