Mary Gregory


Amory House, Weston Road, Lincoln, Massachusetts

The thick walls of both the Amory and the Walcott   houses were designed to provide excellent insulation.


The walls of the Amory house are formed by (1) sand-based stucco, (2) cement block, (3) a one-inch air space, (4) a vapor barrier, (4) 2x3 studs, (5) fiberglass bats between the studs, (6) brown coat and (7) a plaster skin.



  Walcott House,
  Ithaca, New York
  1982, 1983


The walls of the Walcott House are formed by (1) Drywib, a plastic-based stucco, (2) 5/8 inch plywood sheathing, (3) 2x10s which frame the corners, doors and windows (4) a double frame of 2x4 studs alternating at 2 foot intervals and forming a 10 inch space filled with (5) fiberglass bats, (6) brown coat, and (7) a plaster skin.


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