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Charles Donald Page       

Date/place of birth:

Date/place of death:

Relationship to the college:
1941Summer Session/Work Camp

1940 Fall - Apprentice Teacher, Weaving
1942 Work Camp - Paid Worker

Graduation in Weaving and Textile Design, May 1941. Christopher Tunnard, examiner.

Graphic Designer



CI.M. Pei

Henry (Harry) Cobb – friend of page
Page worked on
Place Villa Marie Montreal
Kipps Bay, NY apartments
Society Hill, PA
Zechendorf offices
Gramacy (?) Towers

window treatments

Denver, Colorado

Classes in weaving and textile design, architecture and with Josef Albers Color, Design (Werkelehre), Drawing, architecture. A Lawrence Kocher, Howard Dearstyne

After leaving BMC, Page went to Columbia, South Carolina to Fort Jackson, army induction station. Put on interview service there because of college graduation. Interviewed people to decide what branch of service they should go to. Was in Army at that time. Then after several months wanted to get into air force so assigned himself to air force. Nice major who ran army department was sympathetic. Went to Miami beach for office training for three months – "ninety day wonder" – made lieutenant - assigned to Air Intelligence School in Harrisburg, PA. After that assigned to 427th Night Fighters Squadron, Bakersfield, CA where trained for several months, made Intelligence Officer for Squadron (S2). When training completed, to Norfolk, VA. Put on small air craft carrier which was new and on shakedown cruise. Planes tied down on decks. Went to Casablanca where planes unloaded. Flew to Cairo where expected to go Poltava, Russia but in Cairo Russians said there were enough American’s in Russia and would not let them in, so sent to Italy.

There were operational in italy at Caserta just outside of Naples, Italy. War was drawing to close in Italy, so put on boat and sent through canal to Bombay, India. Took train from Bombay to Calcutta. Then made operational at Asansol. Then opened base in China at Kunming. Were operational in China til end of war. From calcutta by boat back to Jersey where discharged.

November 1945, Captain, Air Corps

After war to Harvard Graduate School of Design to study architecture. Forberg and Reed (for one year) there. Studied with Gropius, Breuer, Stubbins. Bauhaus connection but also Dean Hudnut more interested in history than practical experience Gropius wanted.Graduated in 1948 with Bachelor in Architecture degree – 1970 changed to Master in Architecture by Harvard. Several years after that changed to Masters by Harvard through policy change.

After graduation back to Colorado and worked for Smith, Heggner and Moore for two years, architectural firm. Then they having internal problems and gave them all vacation. Page came back to NY for vacation and applied to I.M. Pei firm and given job. There fourteen years as an associate. At Pei ran graphics department and had a lot to do with interiors. John Hancock Building, Kips Bay, Society Hill, Lafayette Square, Mile High Center in Denver. While there had Fulbright for a year to Italy, studying architecture.

After 14 years with Pei two people whom he had hired for Pei – Dominic Arbitrio and Kenneth Resen – left to form with Page Page, Arbitrio & Resen, a design firm in New York. Firm still going until summer of 2002 when Ken called and said had to leave NY because rent would double when lease came up. Moved it to Mamaroneck. Changed name to Resen Design. Firm did interior work, Page did maybe 20 houses, annual reports for major firms (they were graphic designers, not architects). Did work still for Pei office.

Houses primarily on Long Island and Martha’s Vineyard where Page designed his own home.

Many remodellings on Vineyard.

Summer home of Mr. And Ms. Cass Canfield

Home of Mr. And Ms. Allen Keith

Second home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stange

Home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hess (Millers)

Home of Mr. Alexander Preston

Retired from design firm about 1996 to Martha’s Vineyard.

Influence of studies with J and A albers on later work. ‘Indelible influence on all my design thinking." Completely governed by Bauhaus and Harvard. What was being shown and collected a Museum of Modern Art also had influence.

In retrospect Page wishes he had designed more furniture. Designed coffee and side tables for home. Designed side tables by beds which has had made for several clients. Made bed designs, wooden supports for beds. Out in greenhouse.

Designed dining room table and kitchen table which is like coffee table.

After left college worked one summer for Callaway Mills in La Grange Ga designing fabrics for mechanical production.

Houses most

For living Hess or Miller house and Stamey House and this house.


"A cluster house divides itself into separate units for quiet living," by Noel Seney, Building Editor. Better Homes and Gardens, January 1967.

House built around atria and terraces with separate building for living and sleeping rooms, for quiet. Atria and terraces serve as outdoor rooms.

Photographer Lisanti.

Copy framed and original magazine


The American Home

April 1964

Four page spread, Don Page house

"Island Home Takes Full Advantage of the Outdoors"

Spaciousnes "The secret is to put the outdoors to work for you."

Decks integrated into the house, not tacked on as an afterthought. Sleeping and active areas separated by courtyards and atria. Only 40 percent of house roofed. Rest is wooden platforms or tiny gardens between sections of the house or decks. Plan based on 8 x8 modules.

Space saved by built in furniture. Vinyl floor and cypress walls. Fire place has side vents to heat house in winter. Three bottled gas heaters for cold weather. Entrance wall solid for privacy. 2480 square feet of which 1100 are enclosed.

Photographer: Maris/Ezra Stoller Asso.



This biography was funded by a grant from the Graham Foundation for a study of architecture at Black Mountain College.

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