440 Turk Street
 San Francisco, California

440 Turk Street was the winning entry in a developer turnkey competition for the San Francisco Housing Authority. The program called for subterranean parking, 25,000 square feet of office space with a Commission Chamber and other facilities to serve as headquarters for the San Francisco Housing authority, and 89 units of housing for the elderly (together with the requisite office and social spaces for that use).

The scheme consists of two major elements: a two-story office building with a subterranean garage which fills the site and conforms to the street fronts of adjoining buildings in rhythm, scale and color and a seven story housing block on top of the two story base. 

The budget was very limited and a simple "double-loaded corridor" scheme was indicated. Since the site has a strict north-south orientation, the housing block was canted 45 degrees in order to get some sunlight into each apartment. It also provided space for a sunny triangular  terrace three levels above the street. The property is located in the "tenderloin" district of San Francisco and security for the elderly on the street was a concern. 

Construction was completed in 1987.

    Photos courtesy Claude Stoller.

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