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Willo von Moltke      

Date/place of birth:
7 May 1911
Kreisau, Germany

Date/place of death:
August 1987
Boston, Massachusetts

Relationship to the college:
Apprentice teacher: November-December 1940





Willo von Moltke studied at the Technische Hochschule in Berlin where he received his Dipl. Ing. Arch. in 1937.

In the spring and summer of 1940, von Moltke worked for Alva Aalto in New York City, and in the fall of 1940, for Oscar Stonorov in Philadelphia. It was at Stonorovís home that he met Xanti Schawinsky, a former Bauhaus student who had taught at Black Mountain. In the fall of 1940, von Moltke applied to Black Mountain as an apprentice teacher to assist Lawrence Kocher. He was at the college from November 13 until Christmas. As an apprentice teacher, he attended faculty meetings but was not a member of the corporation and did not vote

In February 1941, von Moltke enrolled in the School of Design at Harvard University, receiving his Master of Architecture degree in 1942. He became a naturalized citizen on June 24, 1944 at Ft. McClellan, Alabama.

From 1954-61 von Moltke worked for the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, where he held the position of Chief Designer, and from 1961-64, he was Director of Urban Design for the Guayana Project of the Joint Center of Urban Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was Professor of Urban Design and Director of the Urban Design Program at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University from 1964-77. The Willo von Moltke Award for Urban Design is awarded by the Boston Society of Architects in association with the AIA New York Chapter Urban Design Awards. His principal works include Washington Economic Development Area Planning, Philadelphia, 1957; Market E. Plaza (first plan), Philadelphia 1958; Center City Planning, Philadelphia, PA 1960; Urban Design Plan for Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, 1964; and Central Area Study for Ottawa, Canada, 1969.



This biography was funded by a grant from the Graham Foundation for a study of architecture at Black Mountain College.

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