Black Mountain College Bulletin
Series 1


Bulletin 1
     "Black Mountain College, Extract from a letter by a member of the Staff," November 1933
Bulletin 2
(second printing)
Josef Albers, "Concerning Art Instruction," June 1934. Reissued with an illustrated
      cover, November 1944  Revised version
ed with an illustrated cover,(   
Bulletin 3
 "Views of and from the College." No. 3 [1934-35]
Bulletin 4
     Herminio Portell-Vila, "On the Civilization of the Two Americas," May 1937
Bulletin 5
Anni Albers, "Work With Material," November 1938
Bulletin 6
"The Building Project and Work Program"
Bulletin 7
Erwin Straus, Education in a Time of Crisis, April 1941
Bulletin 8
     Kenneth Kurtz, Black Mountain College, Its Aims and Methods
Black Mountain College Newsletter, Nos. 1-17

November 1938-November 1942

A newsletter issued four or five times a year at irregular intervals. Nos. 1-4  were issued as Volume 1 (the first two issues were identified as newsletters but not by volume or number). The fifth issue was printed as Volume 2, Number 1. Beginning with the sixth issue the newsletters were numbered consecutively.

The title article is listed in quotations.

Volume 1

 No. [1], July 1938.

No. [2], November 1938,
    "Faculty,” (Second printing mimeographed.)

No. 3, December 1938.  
     "Internal Events"

No. 4, March 1939.
     "College prepares permanent home"

Volume 2

No. l  [5], August 1939. 

No. 6, November 1939. 
      "College enrollment increases to 73"

No. 7, March 1940.   
      "College plans for visitors week"

No. 8, May 1940
      "First graduation in the art field"

No. 9, August 1940
    “Greetings from Lake Eden!”

No. 10, December 1940
      "Lake Eden Plans becoming realities

No. 11, February 1941
       "Student building‑drive brings $6300"

No. 12, March 1941
       "Visiting speakers provoke discussions"

No. 13,  May 1941
       "Second Annual Visitors' Week"  

No. 14, August 1941     
       "College moves to permanent home"

No. 15, October 1941
       "Ninth year begins in new quarters"

No. 16, November 1941
       "The college's part in national defense"

No. 17, November 1942
       "The college in a world at war"

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